Welcome to my website! It’s a portfolio of sorts, although WordPress has decided to make it a blog, which will make it a lot easier to update everyone on what’s going on and whatnot.

My Writing page is the one that showcases where my writing can currently be found (and read!).  I plan to create a news update every time a short story is published, so if you want to be informed in a timely manner, you can subscribe to updates by clicking on the Follow button on the right side of your screen.

I’ve made specific pages regarding different things I’m involved in – including a page for Book Reviews, which at the moment simply links to my Goodreads account. Feel free to add me as a friend! I read fairly widely and I’m always eager to discuss anything book or bookish.  If you have Instagram, you should add me– @powerlibrarian.  This is my bookstagram that has writing pictures, travel photos & library-related stuff peppered throughout.

I also have a page that links to my blog – BibliOccult.  It’s essentially home to the bizarre and strange.  Combining my love of the weird and books, I take somewhat of an information literacy slant to analyzing stories.  Take a gander!  If you have a ghost story to share, I’m definitely interested.  Don’t be a stranger!

And finally, since I’m paying for a domain that’s my name, I decided to create a page that relates to my day job – academic librarian.  There you can find some of my scholarly writing and projects I’m working on.  It’s not the primary purpose of this website, so with time it might end up dropping off the radar.

So do any of you have a website? Do you want to share your URL below? Do you want to tell me what I’m doing wrong?  Feel free to comment below.  Insult my website too much, however, and I’ll kill you off in my next short story…

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