Brainstorming Keywords

The Assignment:

Prepare a 20 minute presentation on a famous Canadian author.

You need to research:

  • The author’s biography
  • The author’s inspirations/influences
  • Common themes, symbolism, imagery, etc. in the author’s writing
  • How your author has contributed to the genre they write in

Following this, you will be asked to do an analysis of the significance of the author’s published works.

Activity steps:

  1. To find keywords about Margaret Atwood, review the assignment and visit this website:
  2. Visit the Padlet below to add your keywords. Try not to add keywords that are already in the Padlet.  (If you’re using a mobile device, you may need to click on the green box to open it in a new browser window so that you can edit it).
  3. Look at the keywords that your classmates have added, and click on the heart if you think it’s a good keyword to search.

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