Debut Novel Title Reveal: The…

I have an official title for my debut novel, coming October 2021 with CamCat Books.

Drum roll, please…

“The Ghosts of Thorwald Place”

This supernatural thriller features the ghost of a woman that was brutally murdered in the elevator in her highly-secure apartment building. She’s doomed to spend her afterlife tethered to the elevator, moving from floor to floor, watching her neighbours, but unable to interact with them. She only sees part of their stories, and nothing is quite as it seems. As she finds out what truly goes on behind closed doors, it quickly becomes clear that there is more than one mystery for her to solve. But the most important mystery of all: Which one of them is her killer?

I’m super excited about this title, as it pays homage to one of my favourite movies and an inspiration for this novel, “Rear Window”. Lars Thorwald was the villain in this classic Hitchcock film.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, including a cover reveal and preorder links.

I’ve been posting about the writing and editing process on Instagram and Twitter, and I love to connect with fellow writers and readers!

Book photo title reveal


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