Dark Lane Anthology Volume 9 now available

Hello readers!

The latest volume of Dark Lane Books’ annual anthology is now available on Amazon! Paperbacks are expected to be available at the end of July.

My short story “The Dissolution of the Species” is featured in this volume. I’m very excited to be finally sharing the story with the world!

Here’s the blurb for the anthology from Amazon:

The Dark Lane anthology returns with a brand new collection of strange and eerie stories. This collection takes the reader to the banks of a lake where odd folk gather; to a small American town where people suffer disturbing mood shifts; to a house stuck on the borderland between life and death; to a ship adrift in the ocean that might just have something unimaginable on board. We travel to a far future moon where war breaks out and unknown entities occupy deep dark craters; then onwards into deep space where loneliness, heartbreak and alien Sasquatches await. Here are horrors both real and imagined. Let these writers take you by the hand, and lead you down a shadowed path. Come. Come.

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