2018 Wrap Up

Better late than never, at least that’s what my writing group said! 2018 was a good writing year for me. I had my first ever short story published, followed by another six! Three are online only, and the other four are print. Check out my writing page for links. Bear in mind that I was submitting them a lot in 2017, and a couple of them were accepted in 2017, but only published in 2018. Submitting short stories is time consuming and hard work!

For the librarians out there: I also had two scholarly articles (including my very first!), two professional publications, and a conference presentation (again, my very first!) in 2018. 

In 2018 I finished editing my novel late last year (for realsies this time).  This novel came out of NaNoWriMo 2016, so I’ve definitely been nitpicking over it for a while.  I also finally started seriously querying. I have my latest query letter polished and I’m going to send out a whopping FIVE letters later today! Wish me luck!

All this on top of starting a book review blog last year, and I’m feeling pretty accomplished! 💪

I don’t know a lot about querying for novels (still learning to navigate the internet for this one), but if you have any questions about submitting short stories, give me a holler! I feel like an expert on navigating the best websites, keeping track of submissions, formatting, and reading contracts!


my 2018 publications


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