Short story, “Dark Reverie” to be published!

*Update 2021: This publication is no longer in print*

I’m thrilled to announce that my short story “Dark Reverie” will be published in the Halloween issue of Kyanite Press: Journal of Speculative Fiction.

Henry Fuseli's "The Nightmare"
Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare”

This short story is inspired by three things:

1. The horrible nightmares I had as a child.

2. The horrible nightmares that I still have sometimes.

3. The Henry Fuseli painting “The Nightmare”, which I stumbled across while visiting the Detroit Institute of Art last year.

Story Synopsis: 

Ever since her mother died, Katelyn has been having horrifying nightmares.  But aren’t nightmares supposed to end when you wake up?

Check out my author bio and interview here on Kyanite Press’s website.  The Halloween issue will be released on October 1, 2018.

Kyanite Press publication

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